About Us

About Us

We envision providing quick, clean, and gleamed car cleaning services. Our services ensure customer satisfaction, thereby leading the company, click a wash to achieve excellence with eminent customer relationships, innovation, quality, and integrity. Therefore, our mission is to become the number one car cleaning service provider with a chain of washing units and workshops. Our ultimate goal is to greet every customer with high-quality mobile car wash services that make their vehicle shine and stay alive. Our company, Click a Wash, providing several quality services from basic car washing to advanced cleaning and polishing.

We are serving many industries like


Our car washing and cleaning services are not limited to only the transport industry. We are likewise serving several other sectors; among them, the Health industry is the prominent one. According to global reports, the healthcare industry is consuming approximately 10% of GDP worldwide. Moreover, it is the most threatening sector that badly influences public health if healthcare ambulances, vans, and buses aren’t properly clean.


Would you prefer driving your car on the road with the windows covered with frost or snow? Surely NO. It is the same as driving your car with dirt, bugs, and debris on your vehicle’s main parts. These specks of dust and debris make the lifespan of your car. We provide one of the advanced and modern car washing and cleaning services for all types of transport types from 2-wheelers to 18-wheelers. We ensure every possible cleaning both from the interior and exterior. Hurry up, book our services through our mobile application or directly at our website.


One of the significant industries where we are giving our top-notch services is the construction industry. In the construction industry, a business leader requires working with many construction clients, land, and property dealers. Therefore, vehicles’ clean and gleam presentation is as important as a trustworthy and transparent business relationship. Only a construction worker knows how much it is necessary to have a proper clean and maintenance-free car, tractors, mixers, cranes, and heavy machines for the on-field construction industry. Hence, if your construction industry is struggling with your vehicles’ cleaning issues, our company will help you get rid of this issue on an urgent basis


We provide our top services to the logistics industry, where customer services are always the top priority. The high cost of a logistics industry utilizes fuel and transportations. But did you know? That clean, dust- and rust-free vehicle promotes better fuel efficiency. The dense layers of mud, dust, and debris create the drag, which results in high fuel consumption. Vehicle performance tests have proven that a clean and properly washed vehicle has 10 percent more fuel-efficient than a dirty and muddy car. Therefore, cleanliness results in better fuel efficiency; hence, there will be a higher chance of business profit for the logistics industry.


The media industry is well known for its timely and effective reporting of each local and international news information. In this regard, the importance of high-class reporting buses and vans can be denied. Therefore, regular washing and cleaning of reporters’ vans and buses can help avoid sudden vehicle shutdown, seizing, and component breakages. Therefore, our primary goal is to wash, clean, and detail your vans and buses to get rid of interior and exterior dust, mud, dirt, and other debris that sticks to your car.


Another important industry that we are serving after healthcare is the pharmaceutical industry. There is a use of high doses of chemicals in the pharma industry used to prepare healthcare medicines and injections. It likewise increases several issues for employees who are directly involved in medicine preparations. Therefore, cleaning and washing of apparatuses and vehicles are very crucial. The utilization of safer and clean transportation helps in reducing harmful chemical exposures.